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Side Arm ELITE Ball Thrower

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Original price
$69.95 - $69.95
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  • Speed generated throw ball unit for batting practice.
  • Greater Speed & Accuracy
  • Modified cradle design strengthens the 'claws'. 
  • Moulded cavity for ball seam.
  • Can be used with hard or soft balls
  • Allows coaches, parents & teammates to provide fast, swinging, seaming & spining delivery’s without order working the shoulder associated with hours of throw downs.
  • Never use to pick up balls or stop moving balls.
  • Always store your Sidearm with a ball in the cradle to protect from breakage
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet when facing a Sidearm

Transform your cricket practice with the Side Arm Elite Ball Thrower, a revolutionary training tool for players and coaches. The Elite Sidearm offers a unique way to simulate a range of deliveries, enhancing batting skills and reaction times. Known for its precision and ease of use, this cricket ball thrower has become a staple in cricket training. The Cricket Sidearm Elite allows for consistent and accurate throws, making it an essential tool for effective practice sessions.

As a side arm thrower, it's praised for its durability and performance. The Sidearm cricket ball thrower is ideal for honing batting techniques, while the Side Arm Elite model stands out for its advanced design and functionality.