Warranty Policy

Cricket Bat Warranty

All Cricket bats comes with 6 months warranty for manufacturing default. This generally covers only handle break or blade break in half. In most cases manufacturer repairs the handle and may consider replacement.

Damage to Toe are not covered

Damage to Edges are not covered

Damage due to Yorker are not covered

Damage due to Water moisture or excessive heat are not covered.

Any other dame due to wrong shot selection are not covered under warranty such as trying to hit a six and damaging the toe of bat on Yorker delivery.


CRICKET BAT - 6 months - 

Broken handle/split cleft/large shoulder crack


PROTECTIVE - 3 months

Split seams or stitching


BAGS - 3 months

Split seams or stitching/broken zipper/wheel fault


FOOTWEAR - 6 months

Split seams or stitching/spike blowout/sole separation


HELMETS - 3 months

Broken micro adjustment feature - does not cover any damage caused by impact of a cricket ball


ACCESSORIES - None unless it is unfunctional