Kookaburra ZENITH BALL 156 grams - White

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Kookaburra ZENITH BALL 156 grams - White

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Warranty Policy

CRICKET BAT - 12 months 

All Cricket bats comes with 12 months warranty for manufacturing default and covers only blade break in half.

  • Handle break is covered for 3 months and in most cases manufacturer repairs the handle and may consider replacement.
  • Damage to Toe are not covered

  • Damage to Edges are not covered

  • Damage due to Yorker are not covered

  • Damage due to Water moisture or excessive heat are not covered.

  • Any other dame due to wrong shot selection are not covered under warranty such as trying to hit a six and damaging the toe of bat on Yorker delivery.

PROTECTIVE  - 3 months

      Split seams or stitching

      BAGS - 3 months

      Split seams or stitching/broken zipper/wheel fault

      FOOTWEAR - 6 months

      Split seams or stitching/spike blowout/sole separation

      HELMETS - 3 months

      Broken micro adjustment feature - does not cover any damage caused by impact of a cricket ball

       ACCESSORIES - None unless it is unfunctional