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  • Ambidextrous for both Right & Left handed batsman.
  • Available Super lightweight and extensive protection
  • Easy to wear, provides protection for both thighs.

Enhance your on-field protection with the Forma Thigh Pads, designed to offer maximum safety for cricketers. These thigh pads are ideal for both right and left-handed batsmen, providing comprehensive coverage and comfort. The thigh guard is an essential piece of equipment, ensuring players stay safe from fast-paced deliveries. Specifically, the thigh pad for left-handed batsmen is tailored to fit their stance and playing style.

The Forma guard series is known for its ergonomic design and superior impact absorption. For those looking to buy cricket thigh pads, Forma offers a reliable and high-quality option. The cricket thigh pads, including the left-handed variants, are crucial for batsmen seeking to protect themselves without compromising on mobility. Additionally, the thigh protector's design ensures it fits comfortably under clothing, providing discreet yet effective protection, similar to the renowned Remfry thigh pads.