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Address: U 8/3 Clyde St, Rydalmere, NSW 2116 | Free shipping for order over $199

Bat Knocking/Knock -in - Cricket Bat Knocking Service by Best Knocking Machine

Save $5.00 Save $5.00
Original price $55.00
Original price $0.00 - Original price $55.00
Original price $55.00
Current price $50.00
$45.00 - $50.00
Current price $50.00

Please send your bat to us and we will return it back to you after knocking (Customer pays postage both sides).

Bat can be dropped off to us in other location during our working hours

Full Package

1) Includes Oiling

2) 14,000 Knocks

3) Applying extratec face tape & edge tape

4) Sealing the toe with shoe goo (protects bat from moisture damage)

Knocking Only

1) Knocking with our fully automated machine for 14,000 knocks only

PS Cricket & Sports offers a comprehensive Bat Knocking/Knock-in service, ensuring your cricket bat performs at its best. With three positive reviews, it's a trusted choice. You can save $5.00 by choosing this service, priced at $50.00 from the original $55.00. Simply send your bat to them, and they'll return it after the knocking process (postage at the customer's expense both ways). If you prefer in-person service, drop off your bat during their working hours.

Their Full Package includes oiling, 14,000 knocks, applying extratec face tape, edge tape, and sealing the toe with shoe goo to protect against moisture damage. Alternatively, opt for Knocking Only, where they use their fully automated machine for 14,000 knocks, enhancing your bat's performance. Trust PS Cricket & Sports for expert bat conditioning.