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AERO P2 Face Protector

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The Aero Face Protector is an innovative solution tailored for WicketKeepers, empowering them to excel in their role with confidence. This game-changer addresses the growing trend of keepers standing up to the wickets for faster bowlers, increasing pressure on batsmen and taking on more risks for their team's advantage.

Traditionally, keepers resorted to using batting helmets, which were the only protective gear available. However, these helmets, designed for batters, are often heavy and heat-inducing, offering superfluous protection at the back of the head, which is not necessary for keepers. Additionally, the vision and protective requirements of a batsman differ significantly from those of a wicketkeeper.

Enter the Aero Face Protector, a specialized wicketkeeping helmet that revolutionizes the way keepers safeguard themselves. This face protector stands out with its:

  • Natural ventilation: Ensuring comfort and reducing overheating.
  • Ultra-lightweight design: Providing ease of movement without the burden of extra weight.
  • Snug fit: Offering a secure fit without compromising comfort.
  • Easy application: Designed for quick and hassle-free wearing and removal.
  • Wide vision allowance: Enabling keepers to have an expansive view, crucial for their role.

The KPR (Keeper's Face Protector) variant of the Aero Face Protector caters to wicketkeepers of all ages and skill levels, infusing them with.

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