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ADIDAS LIBRO 1.0 Batting Pads/Legguards Mens

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$115.00 - $115.00
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  • Traditional 3 pcs knee roll
  • Central cane protection
  • High density foam outer panels for lightweight construction 
  • TPU welded badge of sport & tab/velcro closure
  • Internal TPU board for additional protection behind vertical bolster
  • High and low density combined foam  for maximum weight reduction and comfort
  • Mesh instep & V strap
  • Sculpted  wings for maximum side protection 

Step onto the field with confidence and style wearing the Adidas Libro 1.0 Batting Pads, designed specifically for men. These Adidas cricket pads offer superior protection without sacrificing comfort or mobility, making them a top choice for serious cricketers. The Adidas Libro series is renowned for its quality and innovative design.

The pads complement the Adidas cricket gloves, providing a cohesive and protective cricket gear setup. The Adidas Libra batting pads, known for their ergonomic design, ensure maximum safety during play. The Libro de Adidas offers a modern approach to traditional cricket pads, and the Adidas batting pads are a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence in cricket equipment. For players seeking comprehensive protection, these pads, along with the mens cricket pads and gloves, provide everything needed for a secure and comfortable batting experience.