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Adidas Incurza 3.0 Cricket BAT - JUNIOR

Original price $200.00 - Original price $215.00
Original price $215.00
$165.00 - $225.00
Current price $225.00
  • Grade 3 English Willow
  • Mid Middle - ideal for all round stroke play off both the front and back foot
  • Round Handle - best suited to hard hitting batsmen who like to lift the ball and use their bottom hand
  • Modern Stylish Stickers Design with embossed Adidas logo
  • Full Profile with No Concaving and Rounded Spine - for a very wide and large sweet spot
  • Thick Edges
  • Square Face

Step onto the pitch with the Adidas Incurza 3.0 Cricket Bat in Size 6, designed for young cricketers seeking quality and performance. The Adidas Incurza bat, part of the acclaimed Adidas cricket bat series, is known for its balance and power.

This bat is an ideal choice for players looking to enhance their game with a reliable and durable cricket bat. The Adidas bat, with its sleek design and excellent craftsmanship, is a standout in the Adidas cricket range. The Adidas Incurza cricket bat combines modern technology with traditional bat making techniques, making Adidas bats a top choice for aspiring and professional cricketers alike.