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Cricket Batting Gloves

How often to change cricket batting gloves?
As gloves can not be washed therefore they should be changed every 6 months to avoid bacterial overgrowth due to sweat and dirt its absorbs. Also it  depends on quality of glove and usage as well. A professional players uses upto 12-16 pair in one year. 
How do you maintain cricket batting gloves?
In order to maintain your cricket batting gloves, you need to make sure that you leave them to dry after use and leave them in a warm dry environment. Leaving them in cold wet place will damage them, making them feel uncomfortable as they will become less flexible. Also this will reduce fungus and bacterial growth.
Types of Cricket Batting Gloves
There are mainly 2 types of gloves - Sausage Style and Cut finger. Sausage Style are generally bit  extra protective over cut finger and provide very good protection and fits very well with hands over time. Cut finger style gloves are very comfortable from beginning but offers slight lesser protection.
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